P-60-40-P  Parts Diagram



No. Part Number Price Cart
1403001 TIRE AND RIM 40IN - 72IN KUTTER$60.88Add To Cart
2403560 CROSS AXLE 5FT PULL$298.97Add To Cart
3191100 FABRICATED HUB ASSEMBLY$22.04Add To Cart
4195166 TOP LINK CAT. 1 PULL KUTTERS$39.82Add To Cart
5184005 40HP GEAR BOX 1 to 1.47 250001$271.14Add To Cart
6147148 48IN PTO SHAFT HD SHEAR PIN,810$248.79Add To Cart
7403648 PULL TONGUE 4FT 5FT 6FT PULL$133.10Add To Cart
8320160 AXLE CUFF .375IN X 2IN X 12IN$26.51Add To Cart
9403031 STUMP JUMPER 40HP$129.19Add To Cart
10501001 BLADE BOLT SET (KK)$27.82Add To Cart
11501124 - 24 IN X 3 IN KUTTER BLADE SET$57.50Add To Cart